INTERNET - Sign of the Apocalypse or Salvation?
That the internet is going to change our world - down to you and me - radically, is a common thought today. How it will change it is much more disputable. People can communicate over continents in no time, those who an illness ties to their home can take part in the live outside. Those are just a few examples of the positive effects. But 'I Love You' has shown how vulnerable our world becomes. Physical isolation is a wide-spread concern. Where do you think will all this lead to? And what can we do about it?

gunatm (Gunnar Bernhardt), July 27th 2000
Salvation or Apocalypse!
The Internet itself has much effect on our western cultures, but in fact at this point its structure is not as involved in our lifes as it could be in 20 years. Weīre just starting and there are possibilities that something is wrong with our ideas, but in fact it is no situation of life and death, which canīt be solved with other methods. Life goes on - with or without or hightech-toys - just the way is different.

The great dangers of our society are not that a mad scientist could take over the world by stealing atom bombs with the help of the net - We are destroying our world where we live on by pollution and so on - thatīs the point.

The internet is a new of communication. Communications means bringing together people with the same ideas in mind. These people are our chance for a big change!

Itīs never the net, itīs always the people!

G. Davenport, August 8th 2000
I started to read up in the Internet and in the Bible to find out what apocalypse really means to me – hear are a few words who came across my mind.

Regarding Internet, I believe it is both - apocalypse and salvation.

Steel = Internet ?

Steel brought transportation, skyscrapers and a war of a different kind. A new age started. 219 years later we are still here. Maybe a new age started again?

+++ points for the Internet More information can create more awareness, as you mentioned people who think alike find themselves human with rare illnesses find other once and maybe can help each other people hear (maybe!!) the real truth about political situation in countries where the media is censored

- - - points for the Internet Children are abused (sex pornography) somebody finds a way to hack his way into dangerous information and take advantage power and greed can blindfold people human beings who agree to be manipulated

the choice is ours

The negative and positive points are handled by human and humans only! That means we have to be alert, our knowledge has to have a wider range, our thoughts have to be questioned. Yes I believe this is a positive development of the Internet. All together the awareness of what is going on and what is real and what is plain rubbish that is something only each of us can decide. Hopefully we will take our gut feeling along this road....................

Apocalypse has been abused to create fear and hope since his existence, again by human kind. So my hope is, that if everybody would work on his own mirror maybe we would see an apocalypse for what it is and treat the message with respect.

Would we hear an angel knocking on our door today? Would we listen to a beggar who just might tell us an apocalypse?

My personal view regarding communication is heading towards telepathy in any given form, but this has one ground tool which is called honesty – In the meantime we just use Internet – nobody knows ...............

Again the choice is ours