What is so fascinating about the apocalypse?
Apocalyptic books are still bestsellers. Movies like 'Armageddon' become hits. Even people who don't believe in a divine being become at least slightly interested when the subject comes up. Why is this so?
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- Messageapocalypse
- i find the idea of the apocalypse fascinating, im not completely sure why. i dont see it as a religious thing although i realise that many people do. i suppose that's where the original thoughts on the apocalypse came from. the idea of the world and all this life just ending in one moment is just so powerful, it's the most incredible thing that could happen to us. i think about it quite regularly and with the help of films such as Donnie Darko, however fictional, i have started to develop my own theories. i think that there is atleast some truth in these films otherwise through some twist of fate they would not have been created. so although i havent really shared my thoughts on the matter very effectively, i had to get it out.
- (sarah | 16.01.05)

- MessageReal or unreal
- "What is so fascinating about the apocalypse?" if I had the answer your thesis would be senseless. So I have only some ideas about this question: The stuff of the bible was all the time in a special way mysterious. Up to today people discussed the question of the sources of bible writers. And the last part with the picture of the apocalypse is completly different to stuff before. But it's extremly fascinating cause it's speaking about the future and the end. And the end of the world, the end of human beeing, the end of your own is an unreal thaught. Except some scientist, nobody likes to think about the end. Is it a question of masochism, if you are interested in apocalypse?
- (Dirk Cohausz | 10.08.00)

- Messageyour m.a. thesis
- what is fascinating about the apocalypse? I am ever so sure you do know the answer - because you are working on it. It is just the fact that it is coping with the end of everything - life, human beings, world, earth, all we know. What could be more interesting than this?! Your project may be, could be, will be very necessary for us, for everybody to become acquainted with our approaching end ...
- (Dirk Ruschmann M.A. | 02.08.00)

- Messagefascinating apocalypse
- Death is interesting, because this the only absolute certitude we all have in common. Intelligent or stupid, handsome or ugly, poor or rich, it is our destiny. But apocalypse is not only our death but the one of our specie: mankind. And this is much more terrible. Through instincts, specie drives us to make its survival certain. (i. of self preservation, agressiveness, sexual desire, children's love etc.)We are made to perpetuate the specie, all the rest is litterature. Apocalypse is the ultimate check. The one of the specie. In apocalypse, we don't loose only our life, and the life of those we love: we also lose the remembrance of ourselves. This is the absolute elimination. Fortunatly, for reasonable persons, this event is rather far away, and we don't have to be obssed by it, neither wild with fear. So remains fascination, wich is a mixture of intellectual concern and strong curiosity. After all, apocalypse comes from a greek word wich means "revelation" doesnt it? Who don't like and fear surprises?
- (Jacques Girardon | 29.07.00)

- MessageThe thought of an apocalypse touches a primeval fear
- The thought of an apocalypse touches our primeval fear of imminent destruction by gods, ghosts or inexplicable natural phenomena. This fear is probably the first strong emotion that our species experienced, supported and stirred by the very real threats of an - at that time -unexplored and hostile environment.

The thorough exploration of this environment and the resolution and logical explanation of most mystical phenomena through science were clearly not able to extinguish this fear completely. Otherwise the interest in the apocalypse and connected topics cannot be understood.

The interest in this topic is sometimes accompanied by the comfortably eerie feeling of having gotten away once more, for example when the apocalypse did not occur at the turn of the millennium. Less fearful fellow humans will know how thrilling and exalting this feeling had been in childhood plays, when a real or seeming threat had been mastered.
- (Josef Schmidt | 27.07.00)

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