Was the Book of Revelation intended to be understood literally or allegorically ?
Most people interpret the Revelation allegorically today, a point of view that was originally influenced by St. Augustine's interpretation. But still there are quite a few people, who actually look for the signs of the apocalypse in their literal sense even in our days. What would have been John's perspective? How would you read it?
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- MessageRevelations...
- Literal. But in a deep consciousness sense, like dream imagery...

For example, HP Lovecraft speaks of a beast rising from the waters... This is not an uncommon dream archetype... I have also dreampt such a thing, as a child...

Dont have time to go into it now... maybe later... But I did have to say something

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- MessagePreterist Interpretation of Apocalyptic Genre
- The Preterist interpretation of the Apocalypse of John is based upon the framework of economical transition from the Old Covenant to the New.

Seeing the "last days" of the New Testamentary period as being those of the Old Covenant (Heb 8:13), Preterists believe that the Apocalypse refers entirely to the Roman desolation of Jerusalem and Israel 40 years after Christ's resurrection.

Numerous textual references to absolute nearness of fulfillment serve as bookends for the Apocalypse of John (Rev. 1:1,3,7 ; 22:6,7,10,12,20).

The siege and desolation of Jerusalem as prophecied by Christ in the Olivet Discourse (Matt 24-25 ; Mark 13 ; Luke 17,21) is none other than the fall of Babylon in the Apocalypse. The connection between the Olivet accounts and the Apocalypse has been well documented.

The Preterist hermeneutic recognizes the apocalyptic genre, and attempts to understand the symbols and allegories of the Apocalypse in the framework of the first century Jewish mind.

Accordingly, the removal of first century Jewry's place and nation is referred to using apocalyptic imagery as falling stars and the shaking of heaven and earth.

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