St. John (Rev.1)
The angel with seven Stars (Rev.1)
Messages to the seven Churches (Rev. 2+3)
Worship before the Throne of God (Rev. 4)
The Adoration of the Lamb
The Opening of the seven Seals (Rev. 6+8)
Four Horsemen (Rev.6)
The sealing of the 144000 (Rev.7)
The Seven Trumpets (Rev. 8+9)
The Angel with the little book (Rev. 10)
The two witnesses (Rev. 11)
The woman and the dragon (Rev. 12)
St. Michael fighting the dragon (Rev. 12)
The two beasts (Rev. 13)
The Lamb on Mount Sion (Rev. 14)
The Three Angels Flying (Rev.14)
The Message of Harvest and Vintage (Rev. 14)
The Angel with the Seven Plagues (Rev. 15)
The Vials of the Wrath of God (Rev. 16)
The great whore Babylon (Rev. 17)
The Fall of Babylon (Rev. 18)
The Angel with the Millstone (Rev. 18)
Jubilation over the Fall of Babylon (Rev. 18)
The End of the Beast and of the False Prophet (Rev. 19)
Last Judgement (Rev. 20)
The new Jerusalem (Rev. 21)
The River of Life (Rev.22)
The Coming of the Lord (Rev. 22)