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The Book of Revelation, Apocalyptic Literature, and Millennial Movements - Created by Prof. Felix Just, S.J. - Loyola Marymount University
One of the main features of this site is the large and helpful link collection. The site is worthwhile for a first insight into the topic and also for further in-depth research. You shouldn't miss it.


Revelation Resources - created by Ass. Prof. Georg S. Adamsen, Lutheran School of Theology in Aarhus
A high-level scholary resource collection concerning the Book of Revelation

ORB - The Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies
In my opinion, this is the reference site for medieval studies. The following sections are distinguished: Encyclopedia, Textbook Library, Reference Shelf, Resources for Teaching and a category of General Interest. They all lead to links, partially part of the ORB and partially independent web-sites.
Internet Medieval Sourcebook - created by Paul Halsall
This site is divided into 3 sections: selected sources for teaching purposes, full text sources and saints lives. Each section holds information and links about a wide variety of topics.
Grover Furr's Medieval History and Literature Page
A link collection with the categories: Basic Medieval Resources, Chaucer, Middle English Literature, Other Medieval Literatures, Journals and Criticism, Medieval History, Medieval Art, Music and Culture
The Venerable Bede
A profound link collection of sites about Bede
Site to the Frontline TV-Show about the Apocalypse
It is a popular introduction into the topic, wiht well researched and designed articles and other highlights, such as video-sequences from the tv production.
Center for Millennial Studies at Boston University - Richard Landes, Director
You will find high-level information such as articles and a glossary and information about the physical world activities of the center.
Wulfstan's Eschatological Homilies - edited and translated by Joyce Talley Lionarons.
A very comprehensive, easy-to-use site with in-depth information and an appealing design.
Apocalypse and Millennium - A site from the Department of Religious Studies at the Hamilton College (unfinished site, which paused for quite a while, but will be continued)
Year 1000 Apocalypticism and Millennialism
A students project from the Loyola Marymount University.
Preterist Archive
Preterists believe that the Apocalypse refers entirely to the Roman desolation of Jerusalem and Israel 40 years after Christ's resurrection. Next to a thorough introduction to another view, this well-designed site by Todd Dennis offers a very helpful link-list.
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Wulfstan's Eschatological Homilies - edited and translated by Joyce Talley Lionarons.
A very comprehensive, easy-to-use site with in-depth information and an appealing design.
Beowulf for html - Created by Prof. Zacharias Thundy, Northern Michigan University
This very worthwhile html-adaptation of Prof. Thundy's article 'Beowulf, Apocalypse and Iconography' contains images and music next to the actual text.
Alternative Beowulf Translations
How about a different approach to the great epic? Syd Allan has collected a great amount of translations and offers a comparative insight into Modern English Beowulf. Certainly worthwhile reading.
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Old English Pages - by the Georgetown University
Information about Art, Coins, History, Language, downloadable fonts and much more
The Whole Bible: Analysis of the Canonical and Apocryphal New Testament Scriptures
English Literature and Religion - created by Prof. William S. Peterson, University of Maryland
A large bibliographical database, a few online texts and direct links to online catalogues of libraries, such as the Library of Congress or the British Library
Site of the Chair of Medieval English Literature and Historical Linguistics, Heinrich-Heine-University, Duesseldorf, Germany
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Oxford Text Archive - over 20 years of electronic-text collection in one place!
Humanities Text Initiative - University of Michigan
A variety of full text versions, including four bible versions and other interesting publications, like the online magazine 'The Medieval Review'
Old English Pages: Texts and MSS - created by the Georgetown University
Links to Old English text collections and to the most popular Old English texts and their translations. Also a small number of MS images.
OBI - Online Book Initiative
A freely redistributable text collection from Plato to Star Trek, from the Anglo-Saxons to IBM. Quite big.
Christian Classics Ethereal Library - created by Ass. Prof. Harry Plantinga at Calvin College, Grand Rapids
An extraordinary collection of full text versions concerning Bible, churchfathers and related subjects, including translations of the originals.
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Enyclopedia Britannica
This database is immensely huge. Next to very detailed articles, you will find information about the best web-sites, news-articles and books about the phrase you were seeking
MSN Encarta
Combination of an encyclopedia, a dictionary and an atlas for the entire family. Embedded in a community. The more detailed articles are only accessible for the owners of the Encarta CD. Beware of oversimplication, however.
Reference Site which includes the Columbia Encyclopedia, fifth edition as well as a dictionary. Short articles with quick access
The database combines two of the major German reference works: the Brockhaus encyclopedia and the Duden. Most entries have to be bought online.
Language: German
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Art, Images, Music, and Materials related to the Book of Revelation Prof. Felix Just, S.J. - Loyola Marymount University
An interesting link collection sorted by the verses of the Revelation and further images collections
Connecticut College's Wetmore Print Collection
Two portfolios by Rembrandt (etchings) and one by Dürer (woodcuts)
The Tate Gallery
Includes a database of the Tate-collections, partially with online images
The British Museum
Visit the museum online. Quite entertaining, but not very informative if you are looking for a specific piece of art.
Jenseitsdarstellungen des Mittelalters in Text und Bild
Small collection concerning hell, Antichrist and the heavenly Jerusalem
Language: German
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Northern Lights !!!
dmoz - Open Directory Project
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