This version was taken from the Oxford Text Archive. It was prepared by Jeffery Triggs, from an electronic text found in plain ASCII, and tagged to match the OTA dtd. I reformatted it for the distribution on this site. Redistribution must be permitted by the OTA and Jeffery Triggs.

I have linked this text to the commentary on the Apocalypse by the Venerable Bede, written about 710-16.

Rev. 1
Greetings to the seven churches and the order to John.

Rev. 6
The opening of the first six seals.

Rev. 2
The messages to Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamos and Thyatira

Rev. 7
The hundred and forty and four with the seal and the multitude of all nations.
Rev. 3
The messages to Sardis, Philadelphia and the Laodiceans.
Rev. 8
The opening of the seventh seal. and the first four trumpets.
Rev. 4
Worship before the throne of God.
Rev. 9
The fifth and sixth trumpet.
Rev. 5
The book with the seven seals.
Rev. 10
The angel with the little book.

Rev. 11
The two witnesses and the seventh trumpet.
Rev. 17
The great whore Babylon.
Rev. 12
The woman and the dragon.
Rev. 18
The fall of Babylon.
Rev. 13
The two beasts.
Rev. 19
Jubilation over the fall of Babylon and the end of the beast and the false prophet.
Rev. 14
The Lamb and the hundred forty and four thousand, the message of the three angels and harvest and vintage.
Rev. 20
The reign of a thousand years, the last attack of the enemies of God and the last judgement.
Rev. 15
The angel with the seven plagues.
Rev. 21
The new Jerusalem.
Rev. 16
The vials of the wrath of God.
Rev. 22
The Lord is coming.