This homily is part of the Second Series of Ælfric's Catholic Homilies. Malcolm Godden argues, that this series was sent to Archbishop Sigeric - to whom it both series were addressed - after completion, and dates it 995Click for footnote.

The homilies were continually corrected - often by Ælfric himself - and were subject to a substantial revision by Ælfric, 'perhaps after he became abbot of Eynsham in 1005'Click for footnote.

The Alia Visio is numbered XXIII in Thorpe'sClick for footnote edition, and is combined with Thorpe's homily XXIV as number XXI in Goddens edition. The main part of the

text retells the vision of Drihthelm, as it is found in Bede's Historica EcclesiasticaClick for footnote. Drihthelm returned from the dead to describe the places of reward and penance to which souls go between death and the Last Judgement. The homily goes on to emphasize the rewards available for those who live a pious and generous life. The opportunity to save those already dead, especially through masses, is also stressed.
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