This anonymous poem, which Graham D. Caie dates c. 950, is based on Bede's De die iudicii.

The only extant version is found in the MS CCCC201, which Caie dates c. 1050, where it forms a group with the following four poems within the manuscript. The first three of these include Judgement Day II (which was formerly known as 'Be domes dæge'), An Exhortation to Christian Living and A Summons to Prayer, all written by Scribe 'A' of the manuscript without break. On the same page as A Summons to Prayer follow the Lord's Prayer III and Gloria I, written in hand 'B'.

For further information about this group as penitential literature, see Graham D. Caie's article 'The vernacular poems in MS CCCC 201 as penitential literature`.

Old English Version
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