Apocalyptic Theories and Glossary: Derek A. Olsen has kindly contributed a commentary on 1 Enoch, as well as glossary entries on Enoch as Apocalyptic Figure and Eschatology. Thank you!

The next chapters of Bede's Explanatio Apocalypsís are also online. The rest will follow soon.

Gallery: New Images!

Timeline: I have added some key dates for Jewish History, including the Second Temple period, to the timeline. These were once more provided by Derek A. Olsen.

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This project was started as my MA Thesis at the Heinrich-Heine-University in Düsseldorf, Germany.

The intention is to develop a general introduction to the influence of apocalyptic ideas on Anglo-Saxon literature and culture and - at a later point - a centre for the discussion and further study of this field.

The main focus will be set on apocalyptic theories and Anglo-Saxon literature. You will also find information about Anglo-Saxon society, a gallery, a timeline and a glossary that explains not only terminology, but offers information about the most important symbols and persons as well.

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