Eternal Damnation
Judgement Day

fah feond gemah: '(the) fiend, outcast, importunate' The Phoenix (line 595)
Bad Deeds
þe wiste wlanc ond wines sæd: 'puffed up with your feasting and full of wine' Soul and Body I (line 39)
yfla gehwylc: 'every evil' The Phoenix (line 460)
grimme gieltas: 'dire sin' The Phoenix (line 461)
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æðele: 'noble beings' The Phoenix (line 500)
clæne ond gecorene: 'pure and elect' The Phoenix (line 541)
dryhtnes cempa: '(the) Lord's warrior' The Phoenix (line 452)
eadgan: 'blessed' The Phoenix (line 526) also: eadge: The Phoenix (line 621), eadgum: The Phoenix (line 500), eadigra: The Phoenix (line 608) / eadig eorl: 'blessed man': The Phoenix (line 482)
fuglas scyne: 'beautiful birds (phoenix)' The Phoenix (line 591)
gæstas gecorne: 'spirits elect' The Phoenix (line 593)
gæsta gedryht: 'company of spirits' The Phoenix (line 615)
gecornum Cristes þegnum: 'elect servants of Christ' The Phoenix (line 388)
meotudes cempan: 'Soldiers of the Lord' The Phoenix (line 471)
sawla soðfæste: 'souls steadfast in truth' The Phoenix (lines 540 + 589)
sibgedryht: 'loving company' The Phoenix (line 618)
soðfæstan: '(the) righteous' Soul and Body I (line 146)
soðfæstra gedryht: 'company of those steadfast in truth' The Phoenix (line 639)
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ancenneda: 'only-begotten' Soul and Body I (line 51)
  cyning: 'king' The Phoenix (line 514)
engel: 'angel' Soul and Body I (line 27)
fæger ond gefealic: 'lovely and delightsome' The Phoenix (line 510)
fugles tacen: 'the portent of this bird (Phoenix)' The Phoenix (line 510)
godbearnes: 'Son of God' The Phoenix (line 647)
hælend: 'redeemer' The Phoenix (lines 616 + 650) / hælende Crist: 'redeeming Christ' The Phoenix (line 590)
meþra frefrend: 'comforter' The Phoenix (line 422)
moncynnes gefear: 'mankind's joy' The Phoenix (line 422)
se anga hyt: 'the one hope' The Phoenix (line 423)
wlitig wuldres gim: 'heaven's comely gem' The Phoenix (line 516)
wuldor cyning: 'king of glory' The Phoenix (line 420)
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synfullan: '(the) sinful' Soul and Body I (line 146)
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ade onæled: 'kindled with flame' The Phoenix (line 503)
bryne fyres: 'holocaust of fire' The Phoenix (line 545)
bryne stigeð heah to heofonum: 'the holocaust mounts high to the heavens' The Phoenix (lines 520/21)
fyr briceð: 'fire destroys' The Phoenix (line 504)
gifre forgripeð: '(fire) voraciously attacks' The Phoenix (line 507)
grædig swelgeð: '(fire) greedily swallows' The Phoenix (line 507)
þeos scome byrneð: 'this world...burns in shame' The Phoenix (lines 501/02)
oð fyres cyme: 'until the fire comes' The Phoenix (line 490)
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Good Deeds
ælmessan earmum dæleð: '(he) distributes alms to the destitute' The Phoenix (line 453)
dæda gefremme: 'good deeds' The Phoenix (line 463)
dædum domlicum: 'praiseworthy deeds' The Phoenix (lines 445 + 452)
Fæstest ðu: 'You went hungry' Soul and Body I (line 142)
gebedu seceð clænum gehygdum: 'turns to prayer with pure intentions' The Phoenix (lines 458-459)
gefyldest me godes lichoman, gastes drynces: 'you filled me with God's body, the soul's drink' Soul and Body I (lines 142-43)
halgum ðeawum: 'holy virtues' The Phoenix (line 444)
healdeð meo tudes æ: '(he) keeps the law of the ordaining Lord' The Phoenix (line 457)
hi geheoldan halge lare hate æt heortan: ' they passionately cherished holy precepts in their heart' The Phoenix (lines 476-77)
him dryhten gecygð, fæder on fultum: 'he calls upon the Lord and Father as his help' The Phoenix (lines 454-455)
his cneo bigeð æþele to eorþan: '(he) nobly bows his knee to the earth (prays)' The Phoenix (lines 459-460)
wel dædum: 'good deeds' The Phoenix (line 543)
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Heavenly Kingdom
bliþan ham: 'joyous home' The Phoenix (line 599)
gladan ham: 'happy home' The Phoenix (line 593)
heofona hames: 'heavenly home' The Phoenix (line 483)
leohte lif: 'luminous existence' The Phoenix (line 661)
mæran byrig: 'glorious city' The Phoenix (line 633)
mæran gesceaft: 'glorious creation' The Phoenix (line 660)
on gemostede manna ond engla: 'where men and angels meet' Soul and Body I (line 150)
uplican eðle: 'celestial homeland' The Phoenix (line 392)
uplican rodera rice: 'celestial kingdom of the skies' The Phoenix (lines 663-664)
wlitigan byrig: 'beauteous city' The Phoenix (line 666)
wuldres byrig: 'heavenly city' The Phoenix (lines 475 + 588)
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gifre ond grædige: 'greedy and hungry' Soul and Body I (worms, line 74), Genesis (hell, line 793a), Christ and Satan (devil, line 32a) (devils, line 191a) [see also fire]
hellegrund: 'abyss of hell': Soul and Body I (line 104)
helle witum: 'torments of hell' Soul and Body I (lines 32 + 47)
þa arleasan eardungstowe: 'the place where people live in disgrace' Soul and Body I (line 71)
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æt þam dome: 'at the judgement' Soul and Body I (line 100)
deman mid ryhte: '(God) with justice, will pass judgement' The Phoenix (line 494)
mæþle: 'conclave' The Phoenix (line 538)
meotudes dom: 'the judgement of the Lord' The Phoenix (line 524)
seonoþ: 'synod' The Phoenix (line 493)
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Judgement Day
domdæge: 'Doomsday' Soul and Body I (line 96)
mæran dæge: 'famous day' Soul and Body I (line 147)
myclan dæge: 'great day' Soul and Body I (lines 50 + 89)
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